This website is intended to give useful information for everyone who deals with the C programming language.

Who this site is for:

• Beginners

• Intermediates

• Advanced

• Those interested in gcc compiling

• Those interested in extending C

• Those interested in programming in Windows

• Those interested in image processing

Studying C will give a good knowledge of C++ without classes.
The goal is to find relatively simple programs to help users learn the language effectively.

C language using:

1. Implementation of Unix operating system

2. Implementation of GNU operating system

3. Embedded Systems Programming Standards

4. System programming

5. Compilers and Interpreters development

6. Programming languages that interface with C

7. Languages based on C syntax

8. C compiler effiency relative to Assembly

9. And more...

This web-site is dedicated to:

Ken Thompson (February 4, 1943 - ) (United States)

Dennis Ritchie (September 9, 1941 - October 12, 2011) (United States)

Brian Kernighan (January 1, 1942 - ) (United States)

Richard Stallman (March 16, 1953 - ) (United States)

And to everyone else who contributed to the development of C.